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What's all the buzz about?

Consumr Buzz was founded on a simple, purpose-driven idea:

That every small business deserves to be found online.


We understand how daunting it can be when you finally make the decision to stake your business’s online presence. After all, this is YOUR business. You’ve invested more time, money, and hard work than you can put into words. You may already know the potential of tapping into the Internet, but in a realm dominated by multi-billion dollar Search Engines and Social Media companies, where should you even start?


That’s the question that we at Consumr Buzz strive to answer. Our team of seasoned Internet Marketing professionals has years of proven experience developing online presence and increasing online visibility for businesses big and small. Instead of recreating the wheel, we jumped onboard with some of the biggest software tools out there including: SEMRUSH, Yext, Synup, Duda, Wix, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and more. We build websites, claim web listings, manage social media pages, design lucrative pay-per-click campaigns, and everything in between.


Drawing on their decades of combined experience, Consumr Buzz’s founders recognized early on that the use of Internet Marketing was dominated by massive, corporate entities with equally large budgets. It seemed unnecessarily difficult for small businesses to effectively capitalize from the Internet in the same way. However, our founders also realized that no business deserves to be excluded from the wealth of online opportunities simply due to lack of resources or know-how. To shatter these barriers and support small businesses throughout North America, Consumr Buzz opened its doors in 2017.


What truly sets us apart is that everything we do is done with your business goals in mind.


Internet Marketing is never “one-size-fits-all”; what works for a massive e-commerce retailer probably won’t work for a local boutique store! Despite that fact, other Internet Marketing companies often operate on that flawed premise. They link the results you get directly to the amount of money you spend. Our goal is to break that model.


We go out of our way to create truly customized marketing strategies from the ground up. Our process is simple, yet highly effective:

  1. We learn your needs and specific business objectives.

  2. We assess your current online visibility and strategize ways to improve or add to it.

  3. We do the work and you get the results, only pivoting as you see fit.


In this way, Consumr Buzz has helped thousands of businesses unlock their web presence easier and cheaper than they ever imagined possible. We believe that every small business deserves to be found online. No matter the business, no matter the size, no matter the type, and no matter the location, we can make it happen.


Join our thousands of excited clients and millions of other businesses, and take command of your online presence today. Give us a call or drop us an email for a 100% free consultation.


We’re excited to work for you!