Do I Need a Mobile-Friendly Website? Yes!

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

We’re going to take a crazy, wild guess here and assume that you own a smartphone.

In fact, we already know that most people do. The number of smartphone users in the US is pushing 300 million, which is awfully close to the country’s entire population! The reasons for this are clear: smartphones are literally handheld portals to the entire outside world. With social media and full-access web browsing, the amount of information that’s available is practically limitless. But just how much information is out there?

Try to wrap your head around this.

Anybody with a smartphone in 2021 has access to nearly 40 Trillion gigabytes of online data. That’s web content, social media posts, articles, images, videos, newsfeeds, databases...any and all types of information that you can think of.

40 trillion gigabytes is enough to hold 6.6 quadrillion iPhone photos. It’s enough to make a playlist of 13.2 quadrillion MP3 tracks, or to send literally quintillions of text messages.

These figures- the number of smartphone users in the US, and the amount of data they have access to- are truly beyond comprehension. They just go to show the sheer power of the internet, and a smartphone’s ability to tap into it. After all, in 2021, smartphones are the primary gatekeepers to this information. Sure, desktop computers, laptops, and tablets are still all over the place, but nobody carries a computer tower in their back pocket!

So, let us pose a question. Do you think it makes sense for your business to have a website optimized for smartphones?

Let’s find out.

Our own internal data at Consumr Buzz indicates that smartphones make up 60% of all devices viewing our customers’ web pages, with the remaining 40% split between tablets, computers, smart TVs, and other smart home devices. We strategize marketing plans for our customers to tap into these trends specifically, and mobile website optimization is one of our secret weapons.

The user experience (“UX”) on a smartphone is totally different than it is on a computer. Smartphone screens are small, and so the fundamentals of how your website is displayed and navigated are totally different than viewing the website from a large monitor. Smartphones also utilize touch or voice controls instead of a mouse and keyboard, which affect the ways in which users interact with web pages.

And although most smartphones do have the ability to display full desktop-version websites, have you ever tried navigating a desktop site from your touch screen? It’s a constant game of trying to zoom in where you can, hit extremely small buttons without touching wrong buttons nearby, and scrolling endlessly to read even small paragraphs of text.

Mobile website optimization addresses these issues with smartphone UX directly. A website optimized for mobile use retains all of the functionality of a desktop site, but built out to precise specifications that factor in mobile performance, load times, screen size, cellular data download speeds, and smartphone graphics capabilities. In fact, properly optimized mobile websites can be so user-friendly that customers often have easier access to a business’ important information than they would from a standard desktop site.

Mobile-optimized websites also have the added advantage of utilizing features built right into the smartphone itself. If a customer wants to call a business, they can hit a “Call Now” button on the site and dial the business immediately, without having to grab a pen and paper to jot down a phone number. Sending text messages or emails to the business is just as quick and convenient.

Some mobile-optimized sites even allow their users to share and take pictures, which can be helpful for gathering online reviews or getting quotes for certain types of work. Easy integration with Social Media platforms is equally possible, enabling you to link and harmonize all aspects of your online presence with social media apps on the user’s phone.

As for the most important benefit of mobile optimization, you can literally see it.

Think of the shape of a computer monitor, and contrast that with the shape of mobile screens. They are not the same! And it doesn’t make sense for your website’s visual design to remain the same, either.

To create mobile sites, we take horizontal webpages and redesign them vertically. Menus, photos, text, and other embedded content are also adjusted, and displayed as part of a unified, scrollable page in the palm of your hand. Additionally, to ensure fast page load speeds and site speed over cellular data networks, visual content is compressed and converted into mobile-friendly formats. After all, your site’s mobile version should be completely seamless- so smooth and interactive that it’s indistinguishable from an actual mobile app!

Another often-overlooked benefit of mobile websites is that they do a better job showing up in mobile search engine results. 30% of what shows up on the first page of desktop results doesn’t even make the top 10 of mobile search results. Business owners may not realize this, and it’s a huge opportunity to be missed. Remember- our data indicates that 60% of total online traffic to websites is being generated from mobile devices.

Large search engines such as Google and Bing run algorithms that can detect if there’s a mobile version of your site. If there isn’t, chances are it won’t show up in the search results (and at the very least, likely nowhere near the first page). A positive UX is extremely important, and if a search engine is sending its mobile users to a slow and clunky desktop site, that means bad UX for both the search engine AND for you! Fortunately, websites built by Consumr Buzz can tell the difference between the devices that are trying to access them, so don’t worry- whether it’s a desktop computer or a smartphone, your site and your search results will display accordingly.

So, circling back to our question from earlier, do you think it makes sense for your business to have a website optimized for smartphones?

Let us assure you that it does. Consumr Buzz has always believed that a website is the ultimate interactive showcase of a business’ work, and we go to great lengths to create incredible, captivating UX across all devices. Smartphones are no exception. We’ve got our techniques down to a science, and whether we’re building your site from the ground-up or reworking your preexisting one, your customers will be sure to experience the difference. After all, a positive customer experience does wonders for business.

THAT is the magic of mobile optimization!