Frequently asked questions

Hiring an agency may seem like a big leap towards achieving your business goals. Small business owners often have numerous questions about Digital Marketing, and about how these strategies can work for them. But don’t worry- Consumr Buzz has the answers.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is marketing over the internet. It targets the users of mobile phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers, smart home devices, or almost any other internet-capable device. Digital Marketing strategies utilize websites, search engines, social media platforms, video streaming services, blogs, directories, and numerous other online resources to communicate with prospective and current customers.

Can Digital Marketing really help my business?

Imagine installing a billboard for HVAC Repair in the front yard of a household whose central air just broke. Or delivering a restaurant menu to somebody with a growling stomach. Or showing off pictures of your pet grooming service to a family that just adopted a new dog. That is the kind of marketing precision that Digital Marketing creates for businesses. Unlike traditional advertising techniques, Digital Marketing has the unique advantage of focusing marketing efforts only towards your exact target audience. It turns that billboard, menu, or picture album into a Social Media Ad or a Google Search Result (just to name a couple examples), and places it directly in front of the exact people who need your products and services, at the exact moment in time that they need them. The ability to accomplish this through Digital Marketing is extremely powerful for businesses of any size, type, and industry.

What kinds of Digital Marketing strategies are important for my business?

Different aspects of Digital Marketing focus on different things. To name just a few examples, Digital Marketing can help a business create its online presence, refine its branding and customer interaction, make sales and acquire customers, perform market research and collect data, and more. Your specific business objectives determine the types of strategies that are used. Our Senior Marketing Analysts at Consumr Buzz are professionals at understanding your objectives, and then implementing relevant Digital Marketing strategies.

What is Web Design & Development?

Web Design & Development is the process of creating a website. Web Design refers to how the website looks, and Web Development refers to how the website actually operates “under the hood”. Together, Web Design & Development are used to create a positive and captivating UX, which means “user experience”. And website visitors who enjoy their experience are visitors that turn into customers, leads, and supporters. Consumr Buzz offers a wide range of Web Design & Development services, including Mobile Optimization, which is the process of creating a mobile version of a website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of increasing both the quantity and quality of organic traffic to a website or a webpage. Organic traffic means traffic that is driven to your website naturally, without using paid digital advertising campaigns. This can be achieved through certain strategies and practices that increase your website’s ranking on search engines like Google. SEO is slower to create traffic, but the results are long-lasting; traffic tends to increase exponentially and snowball over time with minimal maintenance. For this reason, SEO is one of the most powerful tools in Digital Marketing, especially when administered properly by professionals like Consumr Buzz.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a type of digital advertising that takes place on search engines and some social media. If a business wants to push relevant traffic to their website as quickly as possible, they will launch a PPC campaign. During a PPC campaign, ads for the business are shown at the very top of search results on platforms like Google. When people click on the ad, it can take them to the business’s website, a contact form, or some other landing page. The business then pays the search engine for each click they get on the ad (hence Pay-Per-Click!). PPC is powerful in that it can target very specific audiences. For example, a local custom jewelry company can use PPC to show ads only to nearby people who are actively looking to buy custom jewelry. Unlike SEO, however, PPC is only effective so long as the business is funding the campaign.

What can I expect when signing up for Consumr Buzz services?

First, it’s important to know that Consumr Buzz believes in creating truly customized Digital Marketing strategies from the ground up. Everything we do is done with your business goals in mind. As such, different businesses will have uniquely different needs. Our overall process can be summed up with 3 points: - We learn your business and your specific marketing objectives. - We assess your current online visibility and strategize ways to improve or add to it. - We do the work and report back the results, only pivoting as you see fit. At first contact, prospective clients will speak with our Senior Marketing Analysts. Consumr Buzz’s Senior Marketing Analysts are experts at assessing a business’s current and/or potential online visibility. They will help you identify and choose the best strategies to meet your specific marketing objectives, and will guide you through the initial sign-up. Every client will then be assigned an Account Manager, who will be their go-to contact for the duration of the service period. Consumr Buzz’s Account Managers lead our clients through the entire set-up and build-out process, and will report back results or make recommendations as marketing data is collected. Additionally, we have an in-house Customer Service department that is equipped to handle any additional questions you may have or take care of any adjustments you may need as they come up. Regardless of your business and your specific needs, the entire Consumr Buzz team will work directly alongside you to make sure your objectives are met.

How do I know if my business’ Digital Marketing strategies are working?

A huge component of effective Digital Marketing is data reporting and analytics. Digital Marketing data includes various measurements such as amount of web traffic, full audience demographics, impressions, clicks, interactions, likes, shares, form fills, and just about anything else you can think of. Analyzing this data is essential to affirming, refining, and adjusting your Digital Marketing strategy. If your business has a website, a PPC campaign, a business listing, and multiple social media pages, it can seem like an impossible task to pull and understand all of that data in context. Fortunately, Consumr Buzz utilizes cutting-edge analytics aggregation software that combines primary-source data from wherever your business exists online, and assembles it into a single easy-to-read report. We send our customers complete, comprehensive reports on a regular schedule. Additionally, our Account Managers are always readily available to assist in interpreting reports, and to make adjustments to strategies as necessary.

I tried Digital Marketing myself, and got suspended from Google/Facebook/etc. Now what?

Platforms like Google and Facebook (just to name a couple) are what make effective Digital Marketing possible in the first place. Together, these two platforms alone reach billions of people. As such, Consumr Buzz maintains strict compliance with the rules and policies of every platform we utilize; failure to do so can get a business booted off the web completely. Fortunately, many of our current customers signed up with Consumr Buzz solely due to issues they ran into when trying to execute Digital Marketing strategies themselves. They may have gotten their Google listing suspended, lost their GMB postcard, had their social media boost permissions revoked, etc. Although no agency has a magic “fix-all button” for these issues, our Fulfillment Engineers are highly experienced in the appeals processes for numerous platforms, and are able to bring things back into compliance on your behalf. The rules and policies of online platforms change frequently, and sometimes with no notice. As a Digital Marketing agency, we follow these changes very closely, and will always communicate with you directly if anything affects strategies that are planned or already in place.

Does Consumr Buzz lock customers into contracts?

No, Consumr Buzz doesn’t believe in locking customers into unnecessary contracts. We are proud to offer a wide range of digital marketing services on a true month-to-month basis. We understand that the needs and resources of business owners sometimes change drastically over short periods of time. We believe that the month-to-month service and billing model represents the best fit for our customers’ global needs and objectives. Please note, however, that continued fulfillment of Consumr Buzz’s services is dependent on active enrollment and billing in our program.

Why is the recommended timeframe for services at least 4 to 6 months?

It is true that we recommend at least 4 to 6 months of enrollment in our programs and services. Establishing a business’s online presence through web development, SEO, listing management, paid advertising, etc. cannot be done with a simple push of a button. It is a process that requires building out web pages and campaigns, collecting/analyzing/interpreting data, establishing links, and other best-practice techniques over time to facilitate online traffic. However, the end results are long lasting. A business’s online presence, when initially built out and managed by Consumr Buzz, can last years into the future- long after the service period is concluded.

How are your prices so competitive?

Well, that’s part of our mission! We believe that every small business deserves to get found online. To this end, we strive to keep pricing as low and competitive as possible. Unlike many Digital Marketing agencies, our service fulfillment is done completely in-house by dedicated Consumr Buzz Fulfillment Engineers. We never use “White Label” fulfillment, which means hiring other companies to fulfill the services that we sell. That creates savings that we pass on to our customers directly. We also approach every customer with a focus on their exact business and digital marketing goals. By identifying a customer’s goals, we are able to provide only the types of services that are directly beneficial and relevant to the customer. We will never recommend superfluous and unnecessary services that don’t align with our customers’ objectives.